Adam is a Girl

Adam is a Girl

Germany / Berlin


Adam is a Girl is a three piece Band from Berlin, Germany. The band surrounding singer/songwriter Anja Adam plunges into big city beats and melancholic melodies, yet very fast forward pulling. These millennial generation kids let us experience their perspective on life.

Growing up Anja has always been singing, may it be in the choir, as a backing vocalist in several bands or even as a lead singer in a teenage rock band. The choir specifically formed her love for polyphonic layered voices, which you can hear listening to Adam is a Girl Songs.

Alex went the hiphop and later on the electronic pathway. In the Berlin graffiti and streetart scene he got introduced to a bunch of african drummers. That is when he started drumming, first on djembe and later on on the acoustic drumset. Together with Anja he formed the Pop-Rock band Oranged in 2005 which transformed after a big brake into the Indiepop duo Adam is a Girl in 2013.
Guitarist Shakya Sunil, aka Sunny, joined the band in 2017 and went on tour with them in december. His fresh and positive energy adds a lot of power to Adam is a Girl‘s live performance. Something that Sunil and Anja have in common is their teenage music choices down the hall of fame of rock legends like Guns N‘Roses, Bon Jovi or Ozzy Osbourne.

Songwriter Anja Adam often returns to the cabin in the woods, where she grew up during a big part of her childhood. „I will find every feeling that I need there: comfort, pain, fear or just




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